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Canton Opiate Rehab Center Tips for Identifying Heroin Abuse

Are you concerned that you or your loved one may be suffering from a heroin use problem? In many instances, if there is a concern, there's most likely a problem. Heroin is a very powerful drug which causes almost all of it's users to become instantly addicted. The powerful opioid drug is habit forming and can cause its users to develop a strong dependence. Nonetheless, your heroin use problem can be managed by making the commitment to enroll in heroin addiction recovery. Our Canton opiate rehab center specializes in treating even the most severe heroin use problems.

Tips for Identifying Heroin Abuse

If you are concerned that your loved one may be abusing heroin, there are several signs and symptoms which you can observe for. Typically, individuals who abuse heroin show similar signs and symptoms of abuse, no matter what the severity of their use problem is. The following are tips you can use for identifying common signs and symptoms of heroin abuse or addiction in your loved one:

  • Loss of control over heroin use
  • Inability to reduce or cease use of heroin
  • Developed tolerance for heroin causing the need to use larger amounts at an increased frequency
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when heroin use has been significantly reduced or stopped abruptly
  • Lying, cheating, and/or stealing in order to access or use heroin
  • Isolation and withdrawal from friends and family in relation to heroin use
  • Visible injection marks from using needles to inject heroin
  • Lack of personal upkeep and hygiene
  • Spending excessive amounts on heroin and/or experiencing financial hardship in relation to heroin use

The tips listed above are just some of the many tips which can help you determine if your loved one is in need of heroin addiction recovery. If these tips lead you t believe that your loved one is in need of professional help, we advise you to seek help immediately.

Can A Heroin Use Problem Be Treated?

A heroin addiction cannot be cured, however it can be effectively treated and managed. Heroin addiction and heroin use problems are typically treated in the same fashion. A heroin use problem is typically treated by combining behavioral and pharmacological treatment approaches. Behavioral treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management have shown to be very effective in heroin addiction recovery. Several medications have also been shown to be effective in heroin addiction recovery treatment. Medications such as methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone are commonly used in heroin addiction treatment.

Heroin Addiction Recovery

Although a heroin addiction cannot be cured, it can be successfully treated and managed. There are several treatment options available for heroin addiction recovery. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), recovery is made up of four dimensions:

  • Health: this dimension is characterized by overcoming or managing one's diseases and making healthy choices that supports one's physical and mental health.
  • Home: this dimension is characterized by having a stable and safe environment to reside in which complements your sober lifestyle
  • Purpose: this dimension is characterized by finding meaningful daily activities to become involved in, as a means to make one feel like they have a purpose in life
  • Community: this dimension is characterized by developing, as well as maintaining healthy relationships and social networks that provide the support, friendship, and love one needs for a successful recovery

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