Rehab Treatment Programs in Canton, OH

The first step in any addiction treatment program begins with the detox process. However, detox alone won't treat the underlying psychological causes behind the addictive behavior. By using a combination of the right rehab treatment programs in Canton, our drug rehab center is able to customize the best possible strategy to successfully treat recovering addicts.

There are a range of different rehab treatment programs in Canton rehab centers to choose from. It's also important to distinguish between different modes of therapy in some drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs. By ensuring that recovering patients have access to as many options as possible, addiction specialists can select the ones that are most likely to yield favorable results in each individual person.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy is designed to correct the dysfunctional or self-destructive attitudes and behaviors behind addictive substance abuse. Therapy also works to teach people in recovery effective new coping skills for dealing with life's stresses without the need for drugs or alcohol.

There are various different models of addiction treatment therapy used in rehab facilities. These include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Studies published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that cognitive behavioral therapy can be a highly effective component in drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs. During therapy, patients are encouraged to question and examine recurring thoughts. Those thoughts are analyzed and any negative thoughts that occur are phased out through objective reasoning.

Therapy works to correct self-destructive or harmful behaviors and damaging beliefs, at the same time as developing a level of personal accountability and responsibility.

Individual Counseling

Individual drug counseling is designed to work in a one-on-one setting with each patient's own unique needs. Counseling sessions focus on finding positive ways to remain abstinent over the long term, as well as addressing any attitudes or behaviors that could hinder progress of the recovery.

Individual counseling is also ideal for helping a recovering person develop a strong relapse prevention strategy to avoid returning to a pattern of self-destructive behavior after graduating from rehab treatments.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a non-judgmental counseling style that encourages the recovering addict to contribute ideas towards finding positive solutions for their own recovery.

Studies published in the US National Library of Medicine by the National Institutes of Health show that motivational interviewing can have a clinically positive effect in treating the psychological aspect of addiction in the vast majority of patients.

Alternative Therapies

Many rehab treatment programs for addiction incorporate a range of alternative therapies in an effort to teach natural ways to manage symptoms of stress, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Alternative therapies also provide a positive way for people to maintain healthy life skills even after graduating from rehab treatments.

Some common types of alternative or holistic therapies that may be used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods include:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Yoga
  • Creative therapies (art, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, music)
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Equine therapy
  • Nutritional therapy

Research published by the American Addiction Centers confirms that many people receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction find the addition of holistic therapies to be helpful in teaching natural ways to cope with stress. Our relapse prevention programs in Canton also help with stress. In these programs, as we teach our patients coping skills on how to deal with cravings, triggers, and other undesirable life circumstances that my cause an addict to relapse.

Not all types of alternative therapies will suit every patient, so it's important that recovering people try a range of different options to determine the ones that provide the best results.

Group Support Therapy

Group support therapy sessions are ideal for reducing feelings of isolation and developing new sources of support throughout the recovery process. Group counseling sessions allow recovering people to recognize and understand the challenges faced by likeminded peers facing the same struggles.

Employment Training

Many people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction may have financial problems due to lack of employment skills. Many drug rehab treatment programs in Canton incorporate job skills and employment training in an effort to improve the financial situation of recovering addicts.

Many people recovering from addiction often struggle with low self-esteem and poor self-image. However, studies show that learning new job skills and improving prospects for employment can improve self-esteem and boost feelings of self-worth that go a long way towards reducing the risk of relapse.

Which Type of Therapy is Right for You?

There is no single drug or alcohol rehab treatment program that will suit everyone. Instead, rehab treatment programs in Canton are tailored to suit each person's own specific needs throughout the recovery process.

The key to developing the correct combination of therapies is to seek treatment in a professional rehab treatment facility. Our addiction specialists can assess each person's unique situation to create the correct combination of traditional and alternative therapies to improve the chances of achieving a successful recovery.


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